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Advising Credit Unions

We are proud of our industry-leading reputation in the credit union industry. From regionals to federals coast-to-coast , we fully understand the unique goals and challenges you face.

From branches to HQ’s, we assist clients in optimizing their portfolios in effort to retain staff, build membership, reduce costs and optimize results.

​As opposed to most transactional brokers who depend on basic, readily available market information, we apply our industry leading proprietary market research platform – Rubicon Reveal — to eliminate guesswork and deliver solutions leading to long-term success. For more, click here.

Advising Community Banks

Our vast experience in the credit union industry melds well with our service to community banks. While the two may seem similar from the outside, we understand the subtle but important differences.

We also get that every dollar counts and that finding and securing the right location can spell the difference between fast failure or long-term success.

​Always pragmatic and analytical, we draw upon old fashioned shoe leather, along with our industry leading proprietary market research platform – Rubicon Reveal – to ensure success. For more, click here.

Advising Wealth Management Firms

In the post-pandemic world, wealth management firms are looking at their office environments through a new lens. For many, the space they secured just five years ago is not what they need today. And certainly not for tomorrow.

From re-negotiating current leases to identifying the optimal space for the future, we assist wealth management firms in every facet of market assessment, space planning, construction, financial controls and more.

In the process, we provide a visual picture of exactly where your future clients and key staff are located. To learn For more, click here.