Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer below, then please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer below, then please contact us.

Q#1: Brokerage firms all seem similar. So, what sets Rubicon apart?

Traditional brokerage firms are typically built around transaction generalists focused on narrow geographic markets or property types. They also typically work with clients across multiple industries. i.e., the same broker who occasionally leases a bank space, also leases restaurants and clothing boutiques.

On the contrary, we are specialists working primarily with organizations in the financial services industry: Credit unions, community banks and wealth management firms. The result is a deep understanding of the special real estate needs unique to banking and wealth management services. Our model is best described as “an inch wide and a mile deep.” It is this in-depth industry expertise that enables us to deliver solutions coast-to-coast rather than city-by-city.

Another key difference is our cost-savings fee structure.  We save clients money in two key ways:

First, our two decades of experience enables us to provide an array of services typically delivered by a disparate group of firms. i.e., valuation consultants, brokers, architects, construction managers and more. This often results in multiple organizations providing overlapping services leading to higher costs and longer timeframes. By providing an integrated service continuum, we effectively deliver all required services in less time and for less money.

Second, our fees are typically paid by landlords and property sellers, not by the clients that engage our services. In short, our clients pay less and get more.

Q#2: How can you serve us better than local brokers?

In our experience, local brokers all turn to the same narrow real estate databases for rates and availabilities. By contrast, we draw upon decades of service in the financial services industry bolstered by our industry-leading proprietary market analysis platform – Rubicon Reveal.

As a result, we are able to see deeper, farther and with clearer focus. Looking well beyond availabilities and asking rates, we also analyze projected market growth, competitive penetration, traffic patterns, prospect incomes, housing, education and more. In the process, we often find solutions that a majority of brokers rarely recognize. The end result for our clients is information leading to well-informed and defendable decisions.

Q#3: What is Rubicon’s process for integrating research, advisory and transaction services?

The commercial real estate industry typically begins by focusing on transactions and getting them closed as quickly as possible.  We work backwards and see the transaction as the end result.

Our process begins by learning about — and then fully analyzing — your situation and goals. With that foundation in place, we then work diligently to apply the power of our proprietary market research platform – Rubicon Reveal. We use this industry leading tool to critically analyze your market – both your member/clients and your competition – to reveal defendable solutions that are fully in sync with your budget, operational and growth objectives.

Once these steps are complete, we present you with a comprehensive analysis report along with a set of recommendations for discussion and action within your desired timeframe.

Q#4: We have in-house resources for market data. So why should we turn to Rubicon for this service?

We agree that some internal market resources are quite competent. However, we believe that Rubicon’s resources stand apart by combining an array of market demographic and competitive information with in-depth data on every commercial property – developed or un-developed – in all U.S. markets. We accomplish all of this and more with the power of our industry leading proprietary market research and analysis platform – Rubicon Reveal.

Our ability to blend the latest in market and demographic information with current property information enables us to deliver solutions based on customized research curated through the lens of real estate experts in the financial industry.

Q#5: What is your process for assessing our needs?

To quote Stephen Covey, “Seek first to understand then to be understood.” For us, this means asking, listening and learning about our clients’ key challenges and goals. With this understanding, we begin the process of determining how your real estate portfolio can be optimized to address those wants and needs.

In many cases, we then apply the power of our proprietary market research platform – Rubicon Reveal – to analyze key metrics in any U.S. market. Metrics that reveal important demographic and competitive trends, as well as up-to-the-minute status on commercial properties of all size and type.

Upon completion, we then present our findings and recommendations in effort to gain feedback and, if with our clients’ approval, direction to move forward with any and all real estate initiatives.

Q#6: Are we too small to qualify for your research and assessment services?

We get this question a lot and understand why. It’s because many of the most sophisticated services within major real firms are only available to the largest clients, or come with an expensive price tag for smaller ones.

As an entrepreneurial firm that started small, we are proud to provide what we consider to be the most robust research and assessment platform in the industry at no charge to our clients.

We do this because it’s the only way to deliver our services in a manner that reflects our personal and professional commitment to service, quality and delivery of measurable results … for all of clients, large and small.

Q#7: Is there an optimal time to consider real estate portfolio changes?

Yes! But the optimal time is not based on traditional real estate parameters. i.e., buyers’ market, low interest rates, high bond yields, etc. Rather, the optimal time to make changes is when it’s right for you and your organization.

If an attractive acquisition becomes available, then that might be the right time. If a land parcel in a strong growth market comes up for sale, it might be the right time. If an opportunity to sell your office for HQ at a premium emerges, it might be the right time.

But here’s another thing that often sets Rubicon apart from traditional transaction-focused brokerage firms – we won’t hesitate to counsel you against making a transaction if the parameters don’t align with your overarching goals.

In short, the optimal time to consider portfolio changes should be made when it’s right for you, not for your brokers.

Q#8: How does Rubicon charge for its services?

First off, we believe that the real estate industry’s commission compensation model is disproportionate to the services it delivers. i.e, the typical brokerage goal is to close a transaction quickly with minimal cost and effort.

By contrast, we believe that Rubicon clients receive a platform of services that exceed any other real estate firm.  From comprehensive strategic advisory services, valuation, transaction management, to legal and construction consulting, our services are tailored to meet every client’s unique needs without cutting corners.

We are paid through real estate brokerage commissions that are standard within each market we serve. As a result, we don’t charge for any of the other services – everything is covered within the brokerage commissions paid by landlords or property sellers.

Because Rubicon’s team members are not commissioned salespeople, a significant portion of the fees paid to us, are reinvested in the numerous services we deliver to our clients.

We provide this unique fee structure because we believe it’s the best way to deliver industry-leading service. Our vision is long-term and our success is measured by your success and satisfaction.

Q#9: Does Rubicon assist with construction-related projects?

Yes. We strongly believe that the construction phase of a project is crucial, both in terms of time and money. For this reason, clients turn to us to qualify and engage proven architects and builders for both tenant improvement projects and ground-up construction. In doing so, we serve as your construction advocate, ensuring accountability, quality, timeliness and cost control to help protect your investment.

Q#10: How does Rubicon measure success?

There is really one way we measure success. That is, is our client consistently satisfied? By that, we mean are they satisfied with the totality of our contribution. In the way we listen and learn. In the timely and complete manner in which we communicate. In the manner we present and validate our recommendations. In our flexibility. In the way we represent your organization and objectives to the marketplace? And finally, in they way our services help deliver measurable and consistently positive results.